Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Welcome to Beauté Magnifique!

Hello ladies! Welcome to Beauté Magnifique.

Beauty is a complicated issue for us women. We seem to always be washing, conditioning, brushing, styling, straightening and curling our hair. We spend a fortune on facial skin care - cleansers, toners, moisturisers, masks, exfoliators, scrubs and creams. We shape our eye-brows, apply make up, whiten our teeth. We try products to make us look more tanned, we remove hair from various body parts, we scrub our heels and paint our toe nails.

As Bridget Jones rightly points out, in Helen Fielding's classic commentary on modern life; what would happen if we stopped these endless regimes and went au natural? I for one, wouldn't want to find out! And yet with the stresses and strains of being a modern women, neither do I want to spend all of my time and money on trying to make myself more beautiful!

That is why I have decided to start sharing my beauty tips and experiences with you on Beauté Magnifique. I shall add at least one hub every day. Each one will have a different theme - from trying laser hair removal, to sharing my favourite discount cosmetics websites and reviewing different beauty products and beauty salons. My goal is to establish a day-to-day beauty regime that is straight-forward, (relatively) purse-friendly and most importantly of all, effective.

Rest-assured that everything I post here will be an honest account of my experience and opinion of different beauty products, regimes and solutions.

I hope you enjoy Beauté Magnifique and look forward to hearing your comments!

Many thanks,